Man, i have loved GTA outfits since forever. I learn new things every time, overcome challenges, and exercise the ol’ noggin’, just a few of many reasons why i became an outfit creator. Oh yeah, plus making pretty outfits is super satisfying. And, i like to show-off. Obviously.


Back in 2017, i bought my very first Save Wizard key. Armed with a few short youtube videos and one very helpful youtuber named UNDEAD_NINJA2, i began my journey.

Here i am, almost three years later. Its been a bumpy road at times, we all know what GTA’s like. But, I’ve got to work with some very clever people, and done some very clever things. I like it.

Along with Save Wizard and Save Editor (thanks, xb) on my PC, i use glitches like director mode, 2 console, various in-game outfit glitches and third-party created jobs.

I do this because GTA is our game. If making outfits is your way to play it, may as well make the best of it.