Female BEFF Merging

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Set up your outfit slots to use slot 20 as your C1 outfit slot, slot 1 will be your merging slot (used for crooked cop) and slot 2 will be your C2 outfit.

If you are merging armour onto your outfit aswell, you will need 5 empty outfit slots: your 3 working slots (slots 20, 1 & 2), and two extras to get the Torso 2 and Armour together before merging it onto the rest of your outfit.

If you are new to BEFF. build your outfits in the following order:

Apply these to C1 (usually a T-shirt), keep each item the same on both outfits until you are ready to merge it:

  • Torso 1
  • Shoes
  • Pants
  • Gloves
  • Accessories
  • If merging armour, keep Heavy Armour applied

If you are applying armour to your finished outfit, we need to make an outfit for the merge slot that has both the torso 2 and armour applied. Apply these to Merge:

  • Torso 2
  • Armour

Apply these to C2:

  • Navy Smart Jacket (usually used for Torso 2 merging)
  • The items that match the C1 outfit from the corresponding lists


Bag: Classic (primary) or Israel

C1 Outfit: no gloves

C2 Outfit: Gray Digital Tactical Gloves

Depending on what your character is wearing for Torso 2 means you may have to access gloves through the interaction menu.

You may find yourself in situations where you are unable to set your gloves to none. Use the components below on your C1 (left) and C2 (right) outfits to merge.

The merge was successful if you spawned in wearing the C1 item.


Bag: Classic

Nothing is required on C1 when we merge accessories. The accessories on the right below belong on C2 to merge.

The merge was successful if you spawn in with no neck accessories.

Torso 1

Bag: Classic

If you are using logos on your outfit and have applied them to a T-Shirt, you are able to change the torso 1 to the Salmon plate carrier and do the chemical mask titan belt merge.

If you want to beff your torso 1 on, you can do so using items from the chart below, or a torso 1 is not required on C1 at all. If you have any race belt, strike vest or gun/paramedic belt on your C1 outfit, you can change your C2 to the items pictured on the right to create a merge.

If you beffed your torso 1 on, the merge was successful if you spawn in with the C1 item on.

Torso 2

Bag: Israel

The chart below is not an extensive list of possible merge components. These are the ones that are most likely to fit the needs of most players. Its important to apply the Navy Quilted Jacket (not the blue) to C2.

The merge was successful if you spawn in wearing the C2 item.


Bag: Israel

C1 Outfit: Heavy Armour. You can find this in the interaction menu under Inventory – Show Armour.

C2 Outfit: no armour


Bag: Classic (primary) or Israel

The chart below displays C1 (left) and C2 (right) items you can use to merge leg. Those are the default shorts pictured on the left side.

The merge was successful if you spawn in wearing the C1 item.


Bag: Classic

The shoes you use from the chart below, will depend on the leg look you are trying to achieve. The studded leather boots on the left and the knee high boots on the right are compatible with stockings. The others are interchangeable.

The merge was successful if you spawn in wearing the C1 item.