Broken Components:

These are items we use on outfits during flip merging that ‘break’ the outfit if anything is changed. Ie, it glitches away. The flight suit is a good example of a broken outfit component.


C1 refers to your console one outfit


C2 refers to your console two outfit


Components are the name we use for the clothing items


Flip describes the action performed during the 2 console glitch. Ie. to “flip” the colour

Flip Merge:

Flip merging is a process used during ped making where you flip two merge component outfits together, and then open the result in crooked cop to combine your components with an otherwise unobtainable component.


Textures is the technical name for the colour of a component

Unbroken components:

Unbroken components are items used during flip merging you can buy from the store or change without glitching away your outfit.