Female Adversary

The biker style jacket is obtained from the adversary job: Turf Wars. The jersey and the varsity jacket are both from Crooked Cop/ Truck Off. The crew varsity jacket also works for BEFF.

For the C1 outfit, choose the cropped biker jacket (under Leather Jackets) or the suit vest (under Vests) on the left next to the colour you want your top to change into.

For your C2 outfit, wear the adversary top you want to flip.

If you are using cropped leather jackets to flip your colours, apply the pearl necklace.

If you are using the suit vests to flip your colours and apply sleeves, use the Israel parachute.

Apply necklace/parachute to C1 only.


C2 Outfit:

Although green is displayed below, you can use any colour to start with and flip it to the other colours

C1 Outfit
Flip Result