Crew Parachutes

You will need:

  • A donor bag
  • A friend


Apply a flight suit to your character

Set your parachute to India (Green) or Pakistan (Orange) and set parachute to ‘ON’

Save at a front counter



C1 Outfit: ensure your character has no gloves applied and your donor parachute bag

C2 outfit: is just the outfit you spawn in with, you only need to switch the parachute.

Trigger a save circle on C1. Once you have logged in on C2, your character will be wearing a parachute: switch to the parachute that matches that colour of the crew parachute bag you want. Head back to story, C2 is done.

On C1, apply a pair of gloves to trigger the save circle before you get kicked.

Back online, your character should be wearing a parachute. Have a friend register as a CEO or MC president, change style to ‘Founder’ and back to current and your character will be wearing the crew parachute bag.

Important note:

  • Opening the interaction menu is going to switch the bag back to standard. Select the outfit from a front counter only.