2 Console Glitch

You will need:

⁃ two consoles

⁃ Netcut (you can find netcut here)

Fire up both consoles into story before proceeding. Send console 1 into a public session and force a save.

Console 1: Enter an invite only session. Apply your C1 outfit. Trigger the yellow save circle using a parachute (or other required item eg hat, glasses) and wait for it to finish. Hold down on d-pad, flick up to Franklin and WAIT on this alert. Find your PS4 on the netcut list and cut it.

Console 2: While your net is cut, enter an invite only session. At this point, your account is logged in on both consoles at the same time.

When it’s loading in, move back to your C1 console, back out of the alert. Open your interaction menu and hover over C1. Leave that there.

Once, you’ve loaded in on C2, simply apply the C2 outfit. Wait for the save circle. D-pad your way to story.

~ This part can vary, you need to find your own timing. ~

Console 1: hit X on the outfit to reapply and back out of the interaction menu, wait for the save circle to swing for a couple of seconds, reconnect netcut and hope the save finishes before you get kicked.

Have fun!