Glow Shades

Flip by applying any hat through the interaction menu to trigger a save.

Do not enter crooked cop, you will lose them. Wait until all your merging is complete and do these last.

C1 Outfit Male C1 Outfit Female C2 Outfit Result
Black Casuals
Lime Tint Shooters
Any Glow Shades
Blue & Pink Glow Shades
Zap Casuals
Orange Tint Shooters
Red Glow Shades
Tortoiseshell Casuals
Blue Shooters
Orange Glow Shades
Red Casuals
Tropic Shooters
Yellow Glow Shades
White Casuals
Fly Shooters
Green Glow Shades
Camo Collection Casuals
Crimson Shooters
Blue Glow Shades
Lemon Casuals
Green Tint Shooters
Pink Glow Shades
Blood Casuals
Pink Shooters
Blue & Magenta Glow Shades
Shell Casual Glasses
Shell Shooter Glasses
Purple & Yellow Glow Shades
Black Casual Glasses
Black Shooter Glasses
Blue & Yellow Glow Shades
White Casual Glasses
White Shooter Glasses
Pink & Yellow Glow Shades