Female Topless/Invisible

Magic tops require you to start the glitch wearing the standard outfit “The Chica”.

Do not apply any parachutes, trigger a save only.

This item requires two beffs to complete.

C1 Outfit:

Apply the ‘Pogo Flight Suit’ under ‘Flight Suits’ at the front counter.

Save as C1.

C2 Outfit:

Apply ‘Lilac Dotted Leather Jacket’ under ‘Leather Bomber Jackets’

Set to ‘closed’

Save as C2


You will spawn in with a partial invisible.

Save as C1 with or without the gloves (you can remove them or merge over them, either is fine)

To Finish:

C1 Outfit:

C1 is the result saved from the above beff

C2 Outfit:

Apply Grey Digital Tactical Gloves through the Interaction Menu & save as C2

Merge Outfit:

To make the above into a topless, apply the Black Bikini & save in your merge spot


To make the above into a full invisible torso, apply any Bodysuit & save in your merge spot