Job Obtainables

Adversary SnapbackCrooked Cop/Truck Off (classic)
Biker JacketTurf Wars (ps4 only)
Bulletproof HelmetCollection Time (ps4 only)
Captains OutfitComplete 6 yacht missions
CEO ArmourCEO Outfits – “El Jefe”
Cotton Adv GlovesTurf Wars (ps4 only)
Crew ArmourTil Death Do us Part (ps4 only) or
Work Dispute (MOC mission)
EpsilonTip the bathroom attendant in your Nightclub 575 times (approx. 15-20mins)
FIB BadgeArcade – The Big Con – Hacking Device
Impotent Rage SuitCollect all 100 action figures
JerseyCrooked Cop/Truck Off (classic)
JoggersCEO Outfits or Crooked Cop/Truck Off
Red HeadphonesCEO Outfits – “Media Mogul”
SWAT ArmourAssociate Outfits
Skinny Canvas Shoes (male)Associate Outfits
Teal/Yellow Racing SuitsRunning Back I (remix)
Trash VestCrooked Cop/Truck Off – Themed – Dead Funny.
Must be Player 2 of the hosts team to get orange. Yellow is blacklisted.
Varsity JacketCrooked Cop/Truck Off or Crew Variant also works

Husky Jobs (PS4 Only)