How to Mod Your Own Save

You will need to create a login and download save editor from:

Download this save:



Once you have downloaded Save Editor, open it up, login and open the save you downloaded.

Click the little yellow hanger next to Franklins head.

You will open up an outfit editor known as MP Overlay

We treat this glitch just like a traditional component transfer

If your online character is female, this top section will be set to “Multiplayer Male”, “Freemode 01”

If your online character is male, this top section will be set to “Multiplayer Female”, “Freemode 01”

You can now choose your components to create your outfit.

Its often easier to choose your outfit on your characters gender and then switch it to the opposite before saving.

Make sure to check your textures, if it doesnt exist on xtiffis lists, its not going to work here.

Once you are done choosing your components, click the save button top right of the MP Overlay box

And click Save File

You are now ready to import your save through Save Wizard and bring it online!