Setting Up Biker Gloves Outfits

Saving a biker suit in slot 1 or 20 for merging in Crooked Cop will cause it to delete when we we bring it online.

This is because it is a blacklisted item on the opposite gender.

We fix this by removing the gloves from the biker suit to make set-up outfits, like so:


Step 1: bring a ped outfit online and merge it or save it as normal.

Step 2: your online character is still glitched out in this session. Apply any biker suit with the gloves you want to remove.

Step 3: go over to the tops and change your top to one that exists on both characters. For example, on female i use the black bustier.

Step 4: save this in your merge spot & bring on the ped outfit you want biker gloves on. This outfit is now good for merging with no deleting.

Thank you to @xjeaxi for bringing the use of the ped save to my attention